Honor A Veteran

Honor A Veteran

Honor a Veteran is a program that honors the sacrifices that Veterans have made throughout history to protect our freedoms and our sacred right to vote. Please Honor a Veteran by leaving a personal message for a military member today and by wearing your Honor a Veteran pin on Election Day. -Secretary of State Paul D. Pate



Please fill out the following information to Honor a Veteran and a complimentary Honor a Veteran lapel pin will be sent to you to wear on Election Day: (Register to Vote)


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  • Lapel pins with be delivered prior to the November election.
  • Once your information is entered your message to a Veteran will be posted on the Honor a Veteran Page. (Please Note: the Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language or testimonial.)
28 Jun 10 PM
Naomi Leinen honors:
Thank you for your service. Freedom isn't free. Love you.
Andy Foster

15 Jun 3 PM
Becky Kepler honors:
This is in honor of my late husband, David (1941- June 2014), who served proudly as a Spc.4th class, LE 31-3 Cryptographic Operator, 17th Signal Battalion, Germany during Vietnam. He was always so proud and the flag meant a lot to him, he was a proud Army veteran. Thank you for your service, I'm very proud of you, miss and love you.
David R Kepler
Webster Ciy, Iowa
Spc, 4, E 31-3 Crypto
27 May 7 PM
Jeff Knight honors:
Thank you Grandpa for your service, you are the type of man I strive to be. My grandfather served in the 142nd cavalry and was in every major invasion during the European campaign. Your courage during the Normandy invasion inspired me to join the military. I love you and miss you grandpa....thank you to all of our veterans !!
Harold Brown
WW 2
18 May 12 PM
Meredith Eaton honors:
This is my dad. He has done so much with Veterans Affairs, he even started the Veteran license plate for the state!
Mitchell Arney
June 18, 1968 - April 1, 1996
18 May 10 AM
Army National Guard
Sam Blumer honors:
I am honoring Mike
Mike Henderson
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