Honor A Veteran

Honor A Veteran

Honor a Veteran is a program that honors the sacrifices that Veterans have made throughout history to protect our freedoms and our sacred right to vote. Please Honor a Veteran by leaving a personal message for a military member today and by wearing your Honor a Veteran pin on Election Day. -Secretary of State Paul D. Pate



Please fill out the following information to Honor a Veteran and a complimentary Honor a Veteran lapel pin will be sent to you to wear on Election Day: (Register to Vote)


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  • Lapel pins with be delivered prior to the November election.
  • Once your information is entered your message to a Veteran will be posted on the Honor a Veteran Page. (Please Note: the Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language or testimonial.)
20 Aug 11 AM
Nancy Costello honors:
My father, Wesley Witt, fought on the front lines of the Korean War. Last year got to go to Washington DC with the Honor Flight. It was the best day for him, but also very emotional. He has never talked about the war very much but our whole family is so proud of him!! In the Korean War he had several weeks of front line combat duty before the truce was signed. After that he was sent to Japan and took a 9 week training on skiing in battle and became a instructor on the B.A.R. rifle. Love u Dad!
Wesley Witt
19 Aug 6 PM
Marine Corps
Wilfred honors:
Thank-you for putting your life on the line for the freedom we have in this country.
Lance Corporal
19 Aug 10 AM
Bill Newbrough honors:
Robert Newbrough
Eagle Grove
Battle of the Bulge
19 Aug 9 AM
Roger Norfolk honors:
John is a true Green Beret and was awarded the Purple Heart as well as many other decorations. He has served in numerous positions in the Marion American Legion Post, and was Mayor of Marion. He represents all veterans and contributes in many ways.
John Nieland
17 Aug 7 PM
Linda Davis honors:
I would like to honor and thank my dear husband for his dedicated service and sacrifice of 21 years US NAVY, and 4 campaigns in VIETNAM, serving our county and protecting our freedom. I am very proud to be your wife. I am very proud of your service record as I know you are! I thank all service members past present and future for dedicated service as well!

GMG1 Retired
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