Iowans Vote in Favor of Voter ID Law
Matt Schultz
Secretary of State
State Capitol
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Iowans Vote in Favor of Voter ID Law

Iowa State Fair attendees vote overwhelmingly in favor of establishing a Voter ID law in the state, according to poll.

(DES MOINES) During the 2012 Iowa State Fair, which ran from August 9 through August 19, the Iowa Secretary of State's booth conducted a poll which asked participants if they supported a Voter ID law in Iowa, as well as their county of residence. A total of 5,632 votes were cast, with 4,291 "Yes" votes (76%); 1,243 "No" votes (22%); and 98 "No Opinion" votes (2%).

Secretary of State Matt Schultz said, "We had many passionate conversations with Fair-goers from around the state, stopping to vote in our Voter ID poll. It was a great experience to hear from so many people. Overall, it was encouraging to see such overwhelming support for our initiative to protect election integrity in Iowa with a Voter ID law."

The results of the Fair poll mirror those of recent national polls, including a Washington Post poll released last week, which found that 75% of Americans support Voter ID laws.

The county-by-county results of the poll are posted on the Iowa Secretary of State website.