2012 Student Mock Election to be held October 30
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YOUR Voice. YOUR Vote. IOWA’s Future.
2012 Student Mock Election to be held October 30

Record number of Iowa students ready to participate

(DES MOINES)—Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced today that a record-breaking 18,000 Iowa students are signed up to participate in the “YOUR Voice. YOUR Vote. IOWA’s Future. 2012 Student Mock Election”. Students across Iowa will be casting their vote for Presidential and Congressional candidates on Tuesday, October 30th. The 2012 Iowa Student Mock Election is a statewide event for K-12 students, and nearly 90 schools from 47 counties will be participating.

The national Mock Election program was created in 1980 to educate America’s youth about the electoral process and to familiarize them with elections by giving them an opportunity to participate. Students learn about the election process, become familiar with current issues, and cast their vote. This year Secretary Schultz has partnered with the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council and the National Student/Parent Mock Election to coordinate the event.

“Increasing voter participation among younger Iowans has been one of my priorities as Secretary of State, and I am pleased to see that a record number of students will be active in the 2012 Iowa Mock Election. The Mock Election is a great “hands-on” learning tool for school administrators and teachers to increase awareness, interest and participation in our electoral process among the voters of tomorrow,” said Schultz.

Schultz also partnered with the national Rock the Vote organization to create Rock Iowa, an interactive educational program for seniors designed to educate students about Iowa’s election process and the importance of voting and exercising that right.

Voting will take place in participating Iowa schools on October 30 and the results will be reported to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. Results will be announced November 1st.