Schultz Helps Get Businesses Back to Work
Matt Schultz
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
Iowa Secretary of State Seal
Chance McElhaney, (515) 725-2942

Schultz Helps Get Businesses Back to Work

Des Moines – Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced today that Iowa businesses can now get their reinstatement documents online through

Certain types of business entities are required to file a biennial report with the state of Iowa through the Iowa Secretary of State's office by April 1. Businesses that fail to meet the April 1 filing deadline are sent a delinquent notice in June providing an additional 60 days to comply or the entity may be administratively dissolved. Should a business fail to comply with the filing of the biennial report and become administratively dissolved, it may be eligible for reinstatement.

"Running a business can be hectic and sometimes important items get lost in the day to day shuffle. That's why making these reinstatement documents available online for businesses is a win-win for both Iowa businesses and taxpayers," Schultz said. "This streamlined process allows reinstatements to be processed more efficiently so businesses can get back to work faster."

As Iowa's Secretary of State, Schultz has focused on cutting red tape so Iowa businesses can continue to grow. Businesses are now able to file many of their forms online with the state of Iowa.