"I thought the examples used by the speakers were very good and gave our students many insights into the importance of voting. I liked the mock election on topics that the students were familiar with. Overall I would say GREAT JOB! It was a good day and my students learned many things. Every one of my students that I polled said they really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! I hope you will invite us back next year." - Larry Littlefield, Glidden-Ralston High School

"I absolutely believe Capitol Youth Day encouraged my students to want to get involved! Many of my students are from low-income, minority homes. They have very little knowledge of government. Their experience had a positive impact as many of them now want to become involved in politics. I asked them if they saw many minorities at the state Capitol. They all said no. I replied to them - even more reason to get involved." – Jason Stoltzfus, Storm Lake High School

"We from Adair-Casey had a great day! Everything seemed to flow very smoothly with enough time allotted to get everything done/seen. Thanks so much for all that you guys are trying to do to make our youth aware of how vitally important it is for us as a society to be educated, informed citizens who are able to ask the right questions of our elected officials. Let's Vote!" – Amy Ruhland, Adair-Casey Community School

"Thanks for a great day! Having opportunities like this (especially with no cost to the student) are priceless – thanks again!!!" – Linsay Csukker Hall, Valley Lutheran School