The Secretary of State's office has partnered with Rock the Vote to create a program called Rock Iowa that provides high school seniors the opportunity to learn about Iowa's voting process in a fun and interactive way.

These seniors are freshman voters and many of them will be casting a ballot for the first time. Our goal with this program is to educate seniors on the voting process so that when they go to the polls on Election Day or send in an absentee ballot they know what to expect and are comfortable doing so. We strive to make sure that each student realizes how important his or her vote is and to show that every vote counts.

The Secretary of State's office brings Rock Iowa to Iowa high schools and presents a program that includes; a presentation on the voting process, voter registration, debate, mock election, a history video (provided by Rock the Vote), a your vote counts activity and Q&A with the Secretary of State. The presentation takes 45 minutes to an hour.