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In order to preserve a mechanic's lien rights on a residential construction project, a subcontractor must post a preliminary notice on the Mechanic's Notice and Lien Registry (MNLR) prior to the balance due is paid to the general contractor or the owner-builder.

In accordance with Iowa Code chapter 572.13B, a preliminary notice posted before the balance due is paid to the general contractor or the owner-builder is effective as to all labor, service, equipment, and material furnished to the property by the subcontractor.

Steps for posting a preliminary notice:

  1. To post a document on the MNLR you must have a user account. Select the option to "create account" from the menu in the center of the homepage. Your user account will contain a complete listing of all notices that you have posted through your MNLR account.

  2. After you have created a user account or signed in as an existing user, you may select "Post a document" and enter the complete MNLR number in the field for "Preliminary Notice."

  3. Obtain the MNLR number from the project's general contractor or owner builder. This number is assigned once the notice of commencement has been posted. If you are not sure if a notice has been posted, select the search option from the menu above and search the project database to find the project and obtain the MNLR number. The number can be found on the top right corner of the notice of commencement document.

    If a notice of commencement has not been posted to the registry, a subcontractor may post the notice of commencement for the project. A subcontractor who posts a notice of commencement on behalf of the general contractor or owner builder, or in lieu of the general contractor or owner builder must also post a preliminary notice.

  4. A preliminary notice may be completed and submitted electronically along with the required posting fee of $7 which may be paid by credit card or Secretary of State charge account. A preliminary notice may also be printed and submitted by fax or United States mail (cost of paper-filing is $10).

The requirements of Iowa Code chapter 572 that are outlined on this page apply only to residential construction projects.

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