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Restoration of Citizenship Rights (Voting Rights and Right to Hold Public Office)

Registering to Vote After a Felony Conviction

In Iowa, a person’s voter registration is cancelled if the person is convicted of a felony, but the right to vote is restored by the Governor upon completion of the felony sentence as defined in Executive Order Number Seven (described below).

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If you are have received a restoration of rights, including a restoration of rights under Executive Order Number Seven, all you need to do to participate in elections in Iowa is register to vote at your current residential address.

Executive Order Number Seven

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed Executive Order Number Seven

Executive Order Number Seven (EO7) serves as a restoration of voting rights for Iowans who had completed their felony sentences as of August 5, 2020. Additionally, EO7 states that Governor Reynolds will continue to issue restorations of voting rights on a daily basis for those who complete their sentence in the future.

In summary, an individual with a felony conviction is eligible to vote if they have completed all terms of confinement, parole, probation, or other supervised release for all felony convictions, including the completion of any special sentence imposed pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 903B (SEX OFFENDER SPECIAL SENTENCING). The only exception is for individuals who have been convicted of a crime found in Iowa Code Chapter 707 (HOMICIDE AND RELATED CRIMES). Individuals convicted of a Chapter 707 crime will need to apply to the Governor for restoration. Any individual with a felony conviction may still apply to the Governor for restoration.

Under the Governor's Executive Order, you need not have paid fines, fees or restitution, or be on a payment plan, to be entitled to vote, though you remain obligated to pay these.

If you have questions about when you completed your sentence, you can contact the Iowa Department of Corrections at (515) 725‐5701.

If you have questions regarding the applicability of EO7, you can call the Governor's Office at 515-281-5211 or click here to visit their website.