Honor A Veteran

Honor A Veteran

Honor a Veteran is a program that honors the sacrifices that Veterans have made throughout history to protect our freedoms and our sacred right to vote. Please Honor a Veteran by leaving a personal message for a military member today and by wearing your Honor a Veteran pin on Election Day. -Secretary of State Paul D. Pate



Please fill out the following information to Honor a Veteran and a complimentary Honor a Veteran lapel pin will be sent to you to wear on Election Day: (Register to Vote)


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  • Lapel pins with be delivered prior to the November election.
  • Once your information is entered your message to a Veteran will be posted on the Honor a Veteran Page. (Please Note: the Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language or testimonial.)
25 Jul 12 AM
Air Force
April Medina honors:
I want to honor my Husband for his dedication and sacrifice to this great nation. God Bless America.
Julio Medina
6 Years
23 Jul 10 AM
Ruth Ann Brayton honors:
I am proud to honor my husband, Dale who served in WWII. I honor him by voting.
Wilmer Dale Brayton
7-22-1945 to 6-29-1946
23 Jul 8 AM
Rhonda R. Deters honors:
I am proud to honor my father-in-law, Rodney R. Deters, who fought in the Korean War with my vote. Thank you for your service to this country to help protect our freedoms. I love you.
Rodney R. Deters
Wellsburg, Iowa

Korean War
21 Jul 10 AM
Tom Burk honors:
I am proud to honor my great-great grandfather, who fought in the Civil War, by voting.
Jacob Walz

Civil War
21 Jul 10 AM
Marilyn Sheahan honors:
I am proud to honor my husband, John P Sheahan, who fought in the Korean War, with my vote.
John P. Sheahan
Sgt 1st Class
Korean War
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