Elections 101

Elections 101

Elections 101 curriculum was created by Iowa teachers for Iowa teachers.

The ultimate goal of Elections 101 is to involve students, parents, and the community in civic engagement while educating them about Iowa’s unique role in the political process.

Each lesson plan has been crafted to appeal to how students learn today, incorporating social media enhancements. The Elections 101 curriculum is easy to use and implement in the classroom. It is a ten-day curriculum with each lesson plan having three different options to accommodate the amount of instruction time teachers have to present the material and for their students to complete the activities.

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Here is a breakdown of each day:

Day 1 breakdown

Day 2 breakdown

Day 3 breakdown

Day 4 breakdown

Day 5 breakdown

Day 6 breakdown

Day 7 breakdown

Day 8 breakdown

Day 9 breakdown

Day 10 breakdown