Election Results

Election Results

2016 Youth Straw Poll

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President/Vice PresidentPartyVotesPercentage
Hillary Clinton/Tim KaineDemocratic20,63335.5%
Donald J. Trump/Michael R. PenceRepublican26,76646.1%
Darrell L. Castle/Scott N. BradleyConstitution Party5170.9%
Gary Johnson/Bill WeldLibertarian Party4,2557.3%
Lynn Kahn/Jay StolbaNew Independent Party5450.9%
Gloria La Riva/Dennis J. BanksParty for Socialism and Liberation3480.6%
Jill Stein/Ajamu BarakaIowa Green Party2,1863.8%
Dan R. Vacek/Mark G. ElworthLegal Marijuana Now1,6472.8%
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente/Michael SteinbergNominated by Petition5871.0%
Evan McMullin/Nathan JohnsonNominated by Petition5971.0%
United States SenatorPartyVotesPercentage
Charles E. GrassleyRepublican29,03362.0%
Patty JudgeDemocratic11,90725.4%
Charles AldrichLibertarian2,4425.2%
Jim HennagerNew Independent Party2,3194.9%
Michael Luick-ThramsNominated by Petition1,1592.5%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 1PartyVotesPercentage
Rod BlumRepublican7,26159.4%
Monica VernonDemocratic4,95440.6%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 2PartyVotesPercentage
Dave LoebsackDemocratic3,30550.1%
Christopher PetersRepublican3,29449.9%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 3PartyVotesPercentage
Jim MowrerDemocratic4,32130.7%
David YoungRepublican7,95556.6%
Bryan Jack HolderLibertarian8115.8%
Claudia AddyNominated by Petition5984.3%
Joe GrandanetteNominated by Petition3712.6%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 4PartyVotesPercentage
Steve KingRepublican9,17574.8%
Kim WeaverDemocratic3,08725.2%



2016 Iowa Youth Presidential Straw Poll

Democratic Presidential NominationPartyVotesPercentage
Hillary ClintonDemocrat15,15129.9%
Martin O’MalleyDemocrat5,07010.0%
Bernie SandersDemocrat27,24753.8%
Republican Presidential NominationPartyVotesPercentage
Jeb BushRepublican3,6096.6%
Ben CarsonRepublican9,72117.9%
Chris ChristieRepublican9121.7%
Ted CruzRepublican8,16515.0%
Carly FiorinaRepublican1,7703.3%
Jim GilmoreRepublican2560.5%
Mike HuckabeeRepublican8521.6%
John KasichRepublican6001.1%
Rand PaulRepublican1,8293.4%
Marco RubioRepublican10,22818.8%
Rick SantorumRepublican3660.7%
Donald TrumpRepublican13,46724.8%



2015 Iowa Youth Caucus

Democratic Presidential NominationPartyVotesPercentage
Lincoln ChafeeDemocrat00
Hillary ClintonDemocrat14714.3%
Martin O’MalleyDemocrat24423.8%
Bernie SandersDemocrat55153.8%
Jim WebbDemocrat00
Republican Presidential NominationPartyVotesPercentage
Jeb BushRepublican747.2%
Ben CarsonRepublican24423.8%
Chris ChristieRepublican262.5%
Ted CruzRepublican868.4%
Mark EversonRepublican00
Carly FiorinaRepublican525.1%
Jim GilmoreRepublican00
Lindsey GrahamRepublican80.8%
Mike HuckabeeRepublican131.3%
Bobby JindalRepublican90.9%
John KasichRepublican252.4%
George PatakiRepublican80.8%
Rand PaulRepublican14113.7%
Marco RubioRepublican14914.5%
Rick SantorumRepublican232.2%
Donald TrumpRepublican15314.9%



2014 Mock Election

U.S. Senate CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Joni ErnstRepublican1,74642.2%
Bruce BraleyDemocrat1,61539.0%
Bob QuastBob Quast for Term Limits2335.6%
Rick StewartIndependent2676.4%
Douglas ButzierLibertarian1443.5%
Ruth Smith1363.3%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 1PartyVotes% of Votes
Rod BlumRepublican33949.2%
Pat MurphyDemocrat35050.8%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 2PartyVotes% of Votes
Mariannette Miller-MeeksRepublican41345.9%
Dave LoebsackDemocrat48654.1%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 3PartyVotes% of Votes
David YoungRepublican68460.1%
Staci AppelDemocrat32328.4%
Edward B. WrightLibertarian847.4%
Bryan Jack Holder484.2%
U.S. Representative Candidates - District 4PartyVotes% of Votes
Steve KingRepublican92671.5%
Jim MowrerDemocrat37028.5%
Governor CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Terry E. Branstad/Kim ReynoldsRepublican3,12164.5%
Jack Hatch/Monica VernonDemocrat1,12323.2%
Jonathan R. Narcisse/Michael L. RichardsIowa Party2755.7%
Lee Deakins Hieb/Tim WatsonLibertarian2014.2%
Jim Hennager/Mary Margaret KriegNew Independent Party Iowa1212.5%
Secretary of State CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Paul D. PateRepublican1,60742.4%
Brad AndersonDemocrat1,45338.4%
Jake PorterLibertarian39910.5%
Spencer HighlandNew Independent Party Iowa3288.7%
Auditor of State CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Mary MosimanRepublican2,13557.5%
Jonathan NeiderbachDemocrat1,58142.5%
Treasurer of State CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Sam ClovisRepublican1,71646.1%
Michael L. FitzgeraldDemocrat1,52541.0%
Keith A. LaubeLibertarian47812.9%
Secretary of Agriculture CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Bill NortheyRepublican2,16957.2%
Sherrie TahaDemocrat1,14530.2%
Levi BenningNew Independent Party Iowa47512.5%
Attorney General CandidatesPartyVotes% of Votes
Adam GreggRepublican2,05253.5%
Tom MillerDemocrat1,78546.5%



2013 Mock Election

Candidate for Mayor % of Votes
Fred Hoiberg 54.26
Fran McCaffery 45.74
Write In Candidate 0.00
Candidates for City Council % of Votes
Norman Bourlaug 32.56
Johnny Carson 21.71
Simon Estes 19.77
Ola Babcock 25.97
Write in Candidates 0.00



2012 Mock Election

Presidential Candidate Party Votes %
Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan Republican Party 3,847 39.86%
Barack Obama / Joe Biden Democrat Party 5,224 54.12%
Virgil Goode / Jim Clymer Constitution Party 74 0.77%
Jill Stein / Cheri Honkala Iowa Green Party 125 1.30%
Gary Johnson / James Gray Libertarian Party 171 1.77%
Gloria LaRiva / Stefanie Beacham Party of Socialism and Liberation 64 0.66%
James Harris / Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers Party 62 0.64%
Jerry Litzel / Jim Litzel Nominated by Petition 85 0.88%
District Congressional Candidate Party Votes %
1st Ben Lange Republican Party 869 40.44%
1st Bruce Braley Democrat Party 1,149 53.47%
1st Gregory Hughes Nominated by Petition 54 2.51%
1st George Todd Krail II Nominated by Petition 77 3.58%

2nd John Archer Republican Party 428 44.31%
2nd Dave Loebsack Democrat Party 524 54.24%
2nd Alan Aversa Nominated by Petition 14 1.45%

3rd Tom Latham Republican Party 1,321 53.63%
3rd Leonard Boswell Democrat Party 993 40.32%
3rd David Rosenfeld Socialist Workers Party 75 3.05%
3rd Scott G. Batcher Nominated by Petition 74 3%

4th Steve King Republican Party 1,405 55.93%
4th Christie Vilsack Democrat Party 948 37.74%
4th Martin James Monroe Nominated by Petition 159 6.33%