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Remote Notarization

Remote Online Notarization Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all Commissioned Notaries granted the ability to utilize Remote Online Notarization?

    No, Iowa Code chapter 9B requires that commissioned notaries be registered with the Iowa Secretary of State before performing any remote notarial acts. All current commissioned notaries may complete and submit the application in order to be authorized to perform Remote Online Notarizations. The application can be found at
    NOTE: this is in addition to the Application for Notary Commission.
  2. What is the cost to become a Remote Online Notary?

    There is no cost associated with registering to become a Remote Online Notary; however, you must already be a Commissioned Notary, which requires a $30 fee.
  3. Can video-conference services such as Skype, Zoom, and Facebook be utilized for the Remote Online Notarial Process?

    No, Iowa Code chapter 9B and Iowa Administrative Code 721-43 require the utilization of software designed for the purpose of facilitating remote online notarization. Software that primarily offers video-conferencing will not meet these requirements. These requirements include identify-proofing technology, e-signing capability, and storage of notarial act recordings.
  4. Are there instructions on how to use the required software through the Secretary of State’s Office?

    No, once you register for the Remote Online Notary software of your choice, you should receive guidance on how to use the product directly from the company. If you have questions regarding the use of the software, contact the company directly.
  5. Iowa Code chapter 9B requires a recording be made and retained of each notarial act; should the entire interaction between the Notary and customer be recorded?

    No, only the notarial act should be recorded. For the safety of your customers, recordings of customers answering knowledge-based questions and the process of verifying their identities should never be recorded.

  6. For further questions regarding the Remote Online Notarial Process, please e-mail For other questions regarding the notary regulation, consult your legal counsel.