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College Student Voters

College Student Voters

Registering to Vote

As a college student, you may choose to register to vote at your home address or at your college address. You cannot register to vote at both.

To pre-register to vote, complete a voter registration form and return it to your county auditor’s office.

The form must be signed. If you are not physically able to sign the form, use a rubber stamp or a mark you use regularly. You may ask someone to sign your name for you as long as the person is with you when signing the form and does so at your request.

Your county auditor will send you a voter registration card within two weeks.

Pre-Registration Deadlines

  • 15 days before general elections
  • 15 days before all other elections

Election Day Registration

You may also register and vote on election day if you miss the pre-registration deadline.

Ways to Vote in Iowa

Vote at Your Polling Place

On Election Day, vote at the polling place for your precinct. Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you are unsure of your polling place, Find Your Polling Place/Precinct.

Vote by Absentee Ballot

There are three ways to vote by absentee ballot if you are registered to vote in Iowa.

  1. Absentee ballot by mail

  2. Absentee ballot in person at county auditor's office

  3. Absentee ballot at a satellite voting location

Overseas civilians can register to vote and request an absentee ballot in one step.