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Voter Registration List Requests

Voter Registration List Requests

List Information

Iowa law allows for the purchase of voter registration lists (See Iowa Code section 48A.38.) Requests can be made with the Secretary of State's Office or with a county auditor. Statewide and congressional district lists must be obtained from the Secretary of State's Office. Counties may produce lists only for districts of which their county is a part.

Information from voter registration records can be used only:

  • To request a registrant's vote at an election,
  • For a genuine political purpose,
  • For bona fide political research, or
  • For a bona fide official purpose by an elected official.

Using the information for any commercial purpose is a serious misdemeanor under Iowa law.

Types of Lists

Different types of lists are available from the Secretary of State's Office.
- Choose one option from each column in the table below when requesting your list.

1) Jurisdiction 2) List Type/Election
Participation History
3) Party 4) Voter Status 5) List Format
Last 5 Elections
of Every Type
Republican Active Excel/.CSV
Sent via Email
U.S. Senate
Or Congressional
Specify Elections Democrat Active, Inactive,
County Contact
Information Only
Other Paper List
*No Election
Participation History
City Include All
School District
State Senate
Or State House

Per Iowa law, Social Security numbers, driver license numbers, and non-operator ID numbers are not included on any list.

Lists will not include inactive and pending voters unless specifically requested. Definitions for inactive and pending voters are shown below:

  • "Inactive records are records of registered voters to whom notices have been sent pursuant to section 48A.28, subsection 3, and who have not returned the card or otherwise responded to the notice, and those records have been designated inactive pursuant to section 48A.29. Inactive records are also records of registered voters to whom notices have been sent pursuant to section 48A.26A and who have not responded to the notice." - § 48A.37
  • "Pending records are records of applicants whose applications have not been verified pursuant to section 48A.25A." - § 48A.37

Customized lists MAY NOT be available. For more information, please contact the Iowa Secretary of State's Office.

Lists are produced as soon as possible, but it can take up to 14 days to prepare a list.
*Orders received prior to a major election may be delayed while the preparations for the election are finalized.


Cost is calculated by the number of registered voters in the jurisdiction requested.

Type of Charge Cost
Minimum Data Charge
*20,000 records or less
Additional Data Charges
*for lists with more than 20,000 records
$0.50 per 1,000 records
E-mail List same as Data Charge(s)
Data on CD-ROM $2.00 + Data Charge(s)
Paper List $0.10 per page + Data Charge(s)
Individual Voter Profile Report $5.00

Voter List Subscriptions

Lists with updates throughout the year may also be purchased. See the table below for pricing information.

Type of List Cost
Statewide voter list with updates $1,500/year
Statewide absentee list with updates $450/year
Congressional district absentee list with updates $125/year
Iowa House and Senate absentee lists with updates $50/year
Countywide absentee list with updates $40/year

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard are accepted
    *Credit Card payments are handled over the phone.
    You will be contacted when a purchase amount determined.
  • Cash
  • Check - Made out to Iowa Secretary of State
*Individual counties choose whether to accept credit card payments. A county may charge different prices for lists prepared by the county auditor.

Contact Information

Send completed request forms to:

State Registrar of Voters
Lucas State Office Building, First Floor
312 E 12th St
Des Moines, IA 50319

Fax: (515)281-4682