Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
Iowa Secretary of State Seal
Kevin Hall, (515) 725-2942

Final Results from Secretary Paul Pate’s
State Fair Straw Polls

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate conducted a Presidential Straw Poll throughout the Iowa State Fair at his booth in the Varied Industries Building. Fairgoers participated in the poll via iPads at the Secretary of State’s booth.

A total of 9,008 votes were cast. Donald Trump was the top overall vote-getter by a wide margin. He accumulated 1,830 votes. Hillary Clinton picked up the second most, with 1,338 votes, followed by Bernie Sanders, 1,217, and Dr. Ben Carson, 1,185. No other candidate surpassed 1,000 votes.

The poll was divided by party, so Trump emerged victorious on the Republican side, Clinton for the Democrats. Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders finished second for their respective parties.

Below are the percentage totals for each party from all votes cast through all 11 days of polling:

Lincoln Chafee-0.74%; 20 votes
Hillary Clinton-49.19%; 1,338 votes
Martin O’Malley-4.67%; 127 votes
Bernie Sanders-44.74%; 1,217 votes
Jim Webb-0.66%; 18 votes

Jeb Bush-5.10%; 312 votes
Ben Carson-19.37%; 1,185 votes
Chris Christie-1.08%; 66 votes
Ted Cruz-8.88%; 543 votes
Mark Everson-0.13%; 8 votes
Carly Fiorina-7.50%; 459 votes
Jim Gilmore-0.02%; 1 vote
Lindsey Graham-0.64%; 39 votes
Mike Huckabee-3.07%; 188 votes
Bobby Jindal-3.68%; 225 votes
John Kasich-2.62%; 160 votes
George Pataki-0.38%; 23 votes
Rand Paul-2.98%; 182 votes
Rick Perry-2.24%; 137 votes
Marco Rubio-6.05%; 370 votes
Rick Santorum-1.06%; 65 votes
Donald Trump-29.92%; 1,830 votes
Scott Walker-5.30%; 324 votes

State Fairgoers were polled over the final two days regarding what is their Favorite Type of Fair Food. Iowa-raised Meats and Poultry was the winner. Below are those percentages from Saturday and Sunday:

Deep Fried-14.46%
Desserts and Sweets-13.22%
Iowa-raised Meats/Poultry-27.04%
Other Food Type-5.15%

Other results from the Secretary of State Straw Polls show:

  • A BLT is fairgoers preferred way to eat bacon, with a 33.5% total
  • They believe the Iowa Hawkeyes will have the best 2015 college football season of the in-state schools. Iowa garnered 37.8% of the votes.
  • Carrie Underwood is the favorite musical act performing at the Fair Grandstand this year. She accumulated 23% of the votes.
  • John Wayne is fairgoers favorite famous Iowan. “The Duke” picked up 32% of the votes
  • “Field of Dreams” handily won Best Iowa-based Movie with 43% percent of the votes.

On Monday, we will provide a statistical analysis of the poll numbers, crossing them presidential results with the "fun poll" numbers. We will be able to breakdown results such as which candidate Iowa Hawkeye fans prefer, the favorite Iowa-based movie of Hillary Clinton supporters and what was the favorite State Fair musical act of Donald Trump backers.