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Secretary of State Pate sets Iowa Youth Presidential Straw Poll for November 1; Unveils Elections 101 curriculum
Paul D. Pate
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October 11, 2016

Secretary of State Pate sets Iowa Youth Presidential Straw Poll for November 1; Unveils Elections 101 curriculum

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is organizing a statewide Iowa Youth Straw Poll, scheduled to take place in schools across Iowa, on Tuesday, November 1. Votes will be tallied in the U.S. presidential race, as well as Iowa’s U.S. Senate and congressional races. Statewide results will be announced by the Secretary of State’s Office on November 1.

The goal of the Straw Poll is to engage students in a hands-on learning experience that will inspire them to participate in civics in their community. Approximately 200 schools across Iowa have already registered to participate.

The Iowa Youth Straw Poll is a facet of the free Elections 101 curriculum developed by Secretary Pate for high school students. It is available at This is a continuation of the very successful Caucus 101 curriculum developed by Secretary Pate in 2015.

"I believe this Straw Poll will provide an interesting snapshot of where the presidential, U.S. Senate and congressional races stand, one week before the general election," Secretary Pate said. "The Straw Poll will not necessarily be indicative of how elections will turn out, but it will provide some interesting insight into which candidates have appealed to Iowa’s youth."

The Iowa Youth Straw Poll and the Elections 101 curriculum have the support of the Iowa Council for the Social Studies and the Iowa Department of Education.

"Elections 101 provides a flexible and highly engaging look at the political process," said Jack Vanderflught, a government teacher at Dallas Center-Grimes High School and government liaison for the Iowa Council for the Social Studies. "Teachers can use just one day, parts of a day, or use it as a complete curriculum for the study of elections. I highly recommend Elections 101 and strongly encourage all schools to sign up for the Iowa Youth Straw Poll."

"As a former social studies teacher, I understand that we better position students to become engaged citizens when we give them opportunities to participate in the democratic process," said Iowa Department of Education Director Ryan Wise. "The Iowa Youth Straw Poll is a great way for students to develop a life-long pattern of civic engagement."

A full list of the schools that are participating in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll will be available online at Schools can still sign up by visiting here: