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Secretary Pate launches Voter Ready website to help prepare Iowans for June 5 primary elections
Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
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May 1, 2018

Secretary Pate launches Voter Ready website to help prepare Iowans for June 5 primary elections

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate continues his "Voter Ready" outreach initiative by unveiling a new website to serve as a resource for voters in the June 5 primary elections. provides voters with valuable information, including what forms of identification they will need at the polls, important dates and deadlines, links to register to vote, and how to vote by absentee ballot.

" is a one-stop shop for voters," Secretary Pate said. "Everything you need to know to be voter ready will be on this website. I want every eligible Iowan to register to vote and participate in our elections. The June 5 primary is just five weeks away and absentee voting begins next Monday. It's beneficial for voters to start preparing for the elections now, and is a great website to help them."

Secretary Pate also encourages all Iowans to make sure their voter registration information is current. You can find information about registering to vote online, through the mail or in-person at

"It's important that Iowans understand that precinct officials are now required to ask voters for their identification at the polls," Secretary Pate said. "This year is a soft rollout, so if you are registered to vote but do not have your ID, you can sign an oath swearing to your identity, or another eligible voter can attest for you. However, you will be asked to present ID."

Another useful component of the website is a short video created by Iowa City Channel 4 that details the process of voting at the polls. The video was produced with assistance from the Johnson County Auditor's Office.

The "Voter Ready" education effort breaks down the process into three simple action steps: register to vote, bring your ID, cast your ballot. Iowans who follow these three steps will have an easy time participating in the 2018 elections.

"We are promoting the website through various means, including TV, radio, print, social media, and digital ads," Secretary Pate said. "These next five weeks will include an exhaustive effort by my office to get every voter the information they need to cast a ballot in the June 5 primary. I will be visiting several communities to conduct Voter Ready roundtables in advance of the election as well."

Secretary Pate's free, customizable Voter Ready Toolkit also remains available to any group or organization interested in helping Iowans participate in elections. The toolkit includes infographics, flyers, sample emails, news releases and social media posts, and many more materials for organizations to utilize. Groups interested in obtaining access to the Voter Ready Toolkit should email