Secretary Pate releases 2018 election statistics showing younger Iowans participating in record numbers
Paul D. Pate
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January, 10 2019

Secretary Pate releases 2018 election statistics showing younger Iowans participating in record numbers

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate released statistical data from the 2018 general election today, showing younger voters turning out in higher percentages than any midterm election since at least 2002. Data shows 39.6 percent of registered voters Iowans between 18 and 34 years old participated. Turnout in this age group in midterm elections since 2002 had never surpassed 30 percent previously.

“These numbers are a very positive sign, but we can do better,” Secretary of State Paul Pate said. “Young people traditionally are the least likely to vote, and that trend continues, but these numbers show substantial improvement over previous elections. My office will continue its outreach initiatives to high school and college students, encouraging them and all eligible Iowans to engage in the electoral process.”

The highest turnout percentage in the 2018 general election belonged to Iowans aged 65 and over. More than 78 percent of that age group participated. Turnout overall in the state was 60.8 percent, the highest mark for a midterm election since 1994.

The statewide statistical report also shows Republicans voted in higher numbers and a higher percentage than Democrats and no party voters in 2018. A total of 492,802 Republicans cast ballots, compared to 458,902 Democrats, 368,773 no party voters and 8,513 Libertarians. Turnout percentage by political party was 71.6% of Republicans, 67.7% of Democrats, 56.1% of Libertarians and 45.9% of no party voters.

The full statistical breakdowns are available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website,

A graphic detailing November 2018 election turnout by age group is available at this link, and one detailing turnout by party is available by clicking here.