Biden edges Warren by 10 votes in State Fair Straw Poll; Trump surpasses 96% among Republicans
Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
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Kevin Hall
Communications Director
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August, 19 2019

MEDIA RELEASE: Biden edges Warren by 10 votes in State Fair Straw Poll; Trump surpasses 96% among Republicans

DES MOINES – Secretary of State Paul Pate’s Iowa State Fair Straw Poll featured a very close race between Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Biden edged Warren 17.7%-17.2%, a margin of just 10 votes. Pete Buttigieg finished third, at 14%, and Bernie Sanders placed fourth, with 10% of the vote. There were 24 Democratic presidential candidates in the poll.

Donald Trump surpassed 96% among Republican presidential candidates, and 46% of the overall vote.

More than 4,000 fairgoers voted in the Straw Poll. The poll was conducted on iPads in the Iowa Secretary of State’s Fair booth.

“Historically, this Straw Poll has been a pretty good indicator of the way the races will eventually shape up, so it will be interesting to see if that holds true this time,” Secretary Pate said. “My thanks to the thousands of folks who visited our booth during the State Fair. We registered a lot of people to vote and encouraged civic engagement among Iowans of all ages.”

Among U.S. House races with primary elections, Ashley Hinson led the Republican field in the First Congressional District, with 67% of the votes. Steve Everly edged Bobby Schilling among Second District Republicans, 41%-39%. Rita Hart picked up 80% of the votes among Democrats in the Second District.

David Young was the favorite among Republicans in the Third District, with 83% of the votes. Steve King garnered 56% of the vote for Republicans in the Fourth District.

The poll ran from August 8-18. Final results are available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website, or by clicking here. Results are unscientific and intended for entertainment purposes only.