Trump, Yang and Sanders lead Iowa Youth Straw Poll presidential votes
Paul D. Pate
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January 28, 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: Trump, Yang and Sanders lead Iowa Youth Straw Poll presidential votes

DES MOINES – Donald Trump, Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders are the top three vote-getters so far among presidential candidates in Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s Iowa Youth Straw Poll. Thousands of students across the state voted in the poll on Tuesday.

As of 4:30 p.m., with more than 23,000 votes cast, Donald Trump leads all presidential candidates with 7,604 votes, and more than 91% among Republican candidates. Andrew Yang is second in the overall totals, with 3,370 votes.

Yang leads Democratic candidates, garnering 22% of the party’s vote. Bernie Sanders is a close second, with 21%. Pete Buttigieg is third at 18% and Joe Biden sits in fourth place at 11%. No other Democratic candidate surpasses 10% of the vote.

“A lot of Youth Straw Poll participants are eligible to vote in the Iowa Caucuses next Monday and I hope many of them do,” Secretary Pate said. “The Youth Straw Poll is designed as a hands-on learning experience to engage students in the civics process.”

Among U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Joni Ernst picks up 9,371 votes out of 19,753 cast. Kimberly Graham leads all Democrat candidates with 33% of the party’s vote, followed by Theresa Greenfield at 20% and Michael Franken at 19%.

Iowa’s four U.S. House races were also polled. Results for all the races are available by clicking here. More ballots are expected to be received on Wednesday. All results are unscientific.

The Iowa Youth Straw Poll is open to students of every grade level and youth civic organizations. Each candidate was asked to submit a short video message to students. Those can be viewed at this link.

Photos of students participating in the Youth Straw Poll are available on Twitter and Facebook, using the #BeAVoter hashtag. The posts are retweeted and shared on Secretary Pate’s social media accounts.