Secretary Pate providing free resources to assist Iowa counties and cities with redistricting
Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
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Kevin Hall
Communications Director
(515) 725-2942
November 04, 2021

MEDIA RELEASE: Secretary Pate providing free resources to assist Iowa counties and cities with redistricting

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is offering free software and training sessions to assist local governments with the redistricting process. 81 of Iowa’s 99 counties have signed up to utilize the Esri Redistricting Solution purchased by the Secretary of State’s Office and provided to Iowa cities and counties free of charge. Additionally, four-hour training sessions have been conducted to aid local governments with their redistricting plans.

“Due to the COVID pandemic, the 2020 Census data from the federal government was delayed and that has resulted in drastically shortening Iowa’s reprecincting and redistricting timeline. We need to utilize every tool possible to help local governments complete the process quickly, efficiently, and accurately. A process that usually takes 10 months will need to be done in just over two months. Thanks to the software we’re providing, that can be accomplished,” Secretary Pate said.

The nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency (LSA) creates the congressional and legislative maps, and they are strictly forbidden from using political data. Secretary Pate worked with LSA to determine which software application would be the best choice for reprecincting and redistricting for counties and cities. It was mutually agreed upon that Esri Redistricting Solution is a great fit.

“Since my office and LSA must work closely to quickly finalize and approve the new city ward, county precinct, and supervisor district maps in a condensed timeline, it is vitally important that we selected a solution that provides for a seamless workflow between separate entities and allows for integrity checks of the data and map lines,” Secretary Pate added.

Cities have 60 days and counties have 90 days to complete their maps after the Iowa Legislature approves the new congressional and legislative maps. New city and county precinct boundaries become effective January 15, 2022.