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Secretary Pate partners with Iowa State University to educate college students on cybersecurity
Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
Iowa Secretary of State Seal WEBSITE:
Kevin Hall
Communications Director
(515) 725-2942
January 14, 2022

MEDIA RELEASE: Secretary Pate partners with Iowa State University to educate college students on cybersecurity

Ames, Iowa – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate partnered with the Iowa State University Center for Cybersecurity Outreach and Innovation to conduct a day-long seminar for students interested in cybersecurity and information technology. The goal is to prepare college students to be successful in defending our nation’s cyber infrastructure and cyber resources. The event took place Friday at Iowa State University.

“Cybersecurity is a race without a finish line and it’s important we help the next generation of cyber defenders prepare for the challenges ahead,” Secretary Pate said. “Bad actors are attacking businesses, government agencies and private citizens through malware, ransomware, phishing, and other methods. It’s a constant battle and we need to bolster our ranks with fresh faces.”

Secretary Pate and his staff, cybersecurity experts, government officials presented to students on Friday. Attendees were able to participate in hands on learning exercises, listen to panel discussions, and network with Iowa companies about internships and job opportunities. Topics included election security and white hat hacking.

The event was titled, “Left of Boom: Preparing the Next Generation of Defenders”. Left of boom is a military concept. It is the set of events that occur in a timeline before the “boom”. The goal is to be fully prepared ahead of time.

“Iowa State has a long history of producing cybersecurity students. By partnering with the Iowa Secretary of State and others across Iowa, we can show students that they have exciting opportunities in Iowa to help make the state a safer place,” said Dr. Doug Jacobson, director of the Iowa State University Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach.

This cybersecurity workshop was co-sponsored by Des Moines Area Community College.

A soundbite from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is available your use at this link.

A photo of Kyle Phillips, Chief Information Officer for the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office, Chris Wlaschin from Election Systems and Software, and Professor Doug Jacobson from Iowa State University is available for your use at this link.