Iowa’s youth to vote on congressional, gubernatorial races on October 25
Paul D. Pate
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
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Communications Director
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MEDIA RELEASE: Iowa’s youth to vote on congressional, gubernatorial races on October 25

DES MOINES – Thousands of students across Iowa will cast ballots for their preferred congressional and gubernatorial candidates in the upcoming Iowa Youth Straw Poll. On Tuesday, October 25, two weeks before Election Day, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate will poll students on their choices. More than 120 schools have registered to participate so far.

“I believe voting is the most important thing we can do as citizens,” Secretary Pate said. “It’s not only our civic duty, but voting gives us all a voice. It’s important for young people to understand that part of what makes America great is that we give the power to the people to determine our leaders. Hopefully that’s a lesson they will carry for the rest of their lives.”

A Power Point presentation with information about each candidate and link to their website is available at this link.

The Youth Straw Poll is part of the Elections 101 curriculum developed by Secretary Pate for use in Iowa schools. The poll provides a hands-on educational experience designed to inspire civic engagement. Every public school, private school, homeschool student and youth group in the state is invited to participate.

Students, teachers, administrators and organizations can register for the Iowa Youth Straw Poll by clicking here. A pin map of schools that have signed up to participate, as well as links to sample ballots and more information about the Youth Straw Poll is available at this link. The full list of schools that have registered so far is available here.

Every congressional and gubernatorial candidate who qualified for Iowa’s 2022 general election ballot is included in the Straw Poll.

An audio clip from Secretary Pate is available for your use at this link.