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Carrie Chapman Catt Award

2020-2021 Carrie Chapman Catt Award Results

Last school year, 22 Iowa high schools earned the Carrie Chapman Catt Award. 78 Iowa high schools signed up across 55 counties, and a total of 2,504 students registered to vote through the initiative. A picture of the Carrie Chapman Catt Award trophy is available for your use at this link.

“Despite the challenges created by the COVID pandemic, we increased the number of schools that hit the 90 percent threshold this year. It took a lot of work and dedication by principals, teachers, and most importantly, the students. I’m proud of all of the schools that stepped up this year and helped students register to vote,” Secretary Pate said.

Here is a list of the 22 schools that earned the 2020-2021 Carrie Chapman Catt Award. 10 schools qualified for the award for the second straight year (denoted with an asterisk*).

Recipients – Schools Finishing in the 90% Tier: Percentage:
Notre Dame Catholic High School (Burlington) * 100%
Isaac Newton Christian Academy (Cedar Rapids) * 100%
Riceville High School (Riceville) 100%
Rivermont Collegiate (Bettendorf) * 100%
St. Mary's High School (Storm Lake) * 100%
Valley Lutheran School (Cedar Falls) * 100%
Clayton Ridge High School (Guttenberg) 97.30%
Mount Ayr High School (Mount Ayr) 95.56%
Charles City High School (Charles City) 94.51%
Lone Tree High School (Lone Tree) * 94.12%
Lake Mills High School (Lake Mills) 93.48%
Hillcrest Academy (Kalona) 93.33%
Marquette Catholic High School (Bellevue) 93.33%
Bishop Garrigan High School (Algona) 92.68%
Urbandale High School (Urbandale) * 92.28%
Denver High School (Denver) 91.80%
Central Lyon High School (Rock Rapids) 91.67%
Ballard High School (Huxley) * 91.43%
Carrie Lane High School (Charles City) 90.00%
Grundy Center High School (Grundy Center) 90.00%
Norwalk High School (Norwalk) * 90.00%
South Page High School (College Springs)* 90.00%
Schools Finishing in the 70% Tier: Percentage:
Treynor High School (Treynor) 87.72%
Woodward-Granger High School (Woodward) 86.44%
West Marshall High School (State Center) 82.43%
Schools Finishing in the 50% Tier: Percentage:
Regina High School (Iowa City) 67.39%
Baxter High School (Baxter) 64.29%
Prairie High School (Cedar Rapids) 63.32%
Sibley-Ocheyedan High School (Sibley) 62.50%
West Sioux High School (Hawarden) 58.82%
East Buchanan High School (Winthrop) 57.14%
Newman Catholic High School (Mason City) 55.56%
Siouxland Christian School (Sioux City) 54.55%
Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (Garner) 50.00%

Highlighted in yellow: 55 Iowa counties with at least one (1) high school that signed up and participated in 2020-2021 Carrie Chapman Catt Award.